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Nutrition & Treats

Oh, Taste of the Wild… We have tried many foods with our Huskies. Some they like, but it just down right sucks, and some they hate and won't touch. After searching far and wide, we have landed on Taste of the Wild (with grain). Not only has it made their coats look better, just overall health of the pups have improved. Big shout out to them. Our dogs love the Pacific Stream after trial of a few.

There are all kinds of treats to train with, but we like Bil-Jacs. They come in a decent size, we like to cut them down and get more training per treat. They love all the flavors!

Food Add-ins

We do not care for just giving kibble. No matter what, we wet down their food a bit to help with digestion and improve mineral and vitamin adsorption. But along with that, we do like to add Dyne to Oakley's food and a touch to Nikita's. They both get eggs, freeze-dried liver and cant forget the Salmon Oil. We also add in pumpkin powder, it is a great source of fiber.

We're talking, the chews you give them turn around to throw away the trash, and it's gone. We are talking the teeth cleaners, the busy bones. The pups absolutely love antlers, at first glance it's hard to pay that for a chew, but let me tell you this is something they will work on for weeks!

Man oh man have we loved this water dish. The Petsafe Drinkwell has a filter and has a great big basin to hold lots of water in. We have 3 huskies, so we have seen some floaties. This thing has a filter before the waterfall that catches all that and keeps the water moving and clean.

Quick Chews

These are the chews I can't promise you are going to last 5-10 min, but they freaking LOVE them. We like to think their #1 is the beef trachea, and it's super cheap. Just like their #2 the pig ears, they nom nom them quick, but they are cheap and big fans.  The other one and it was a big craze for a while for us humans, just not in this form, we are talking collagen beef chews we prefer the braided ones as they don't go so quick. 


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