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Young Volunteers

Helping Our Community

At Happy Howlin', our mission is to help out our local community by offering free training to dogs at our local dog shelter, Paws and Claws. We believe that all animals deserve a chance to have a loving home. Our team of experienced trainers works diligently with each dog to ensure they have the best chance to be adopted. We are passionate about helping the animals find their forever homes and are proud to be part of the process.

Cute Happy Dog

Adoption Discount

If you adopt a puppy from Paws & Claws in Columbus, NE. We offer a 30% discount on our services to help make your adoption a success. 


Working with Paws & Claws

Spending time working with dogs that are currently in shelter to help them get adopted.

Man Trying App


We offer advice for newly adopted dogs from our local shelter to make sure you know the basics!

Helping Paws & Claws Intro

Franco –  Mix Breed

Jimmy – White Siberian Husky (Adopted)

Shila - Lab/Border Collie Mix

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