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Sire & Dam

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Oakley (Sire)

Oakley has been a beloved member of our pack since he was a puppy, and he has exceeded all expectations. This stunning 2-year-old purebred Siberian husky boasts traditional black and white markings with captivating brown eyes. Oakley boasts a well-proportioned physique, weighing in at around 55-60lbs. We are proud to have Oakley as a part of our family and are excited to share his beauty with the world.

Nikita (Dam)

Say hello to Nikita, the ever-loving dam who always keeps an eye out for the well-being of her loved ones. This affectionate husky is not shy when it comes to showing her love, so be prepared for some sweet kisses. Nikita boasts unique qualities that make her stand out and that she'll pass on to her offspring, including a stunning fluffy tail and soft, plush hair. With such amazing traits, Nikita is sure to make a positive impact on her puppies and their future owners.

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