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Question & Answer

In this section, we will try our best to answer all the questions we frequently see or have submitted to us! 

The Why's

Some of googles most asked questions 

Why does my husky howl?

It is the nature of the beast, Huskies howls have a lot to do with their ancestors. Like Wolves, huskies find it their way of communicating with other dogs and humans!

Why does my husky pant so much?

This is all explained in the coat section of our website. But long story short they have 2 coats on…the bet way to describe their feeling in your 70 degree home is walk around your house with 2 coats on, you just might start panting too! It takes them time to adapt to warmer temperatures, hence shedding this is ridding undercoat to stay cooler in warmer climates. 

Why does my husky keep whining?

Huskies are very pack driven dogs, they don't like to be left out of much! In fact, huskies would like to go everywhere if they could go they would. Strung into their DNA is companionship, and that's the best way to explain it!

Where do Siberian husky come from?

Check out our Husky History it will break it down, but the tldr is in fact Asia brought over by a fur trader to Alaska and that started it all!

What are the pro's and con's of getting a husky?

In our opinion there are more pros than cons, of course we may be a bit bias. 


  • Perfect-Natured Breed 

  • Great with family & kids

  • Naturally clean dogs and odorless

  • No drool strings 

  • Smart with the ability to learn quick

  • Playful


  • Coat Maintenance, Shedding (easy con to fix, check out our Grooming section)

  • sometimes noisy when they talk 

  • some huskies have digging habits 

  • can get pretty wired up if energy isn't burnt off


Of course, this is what we have seen or have experienced with our huskies, but almost all your cons can be handled with proper training and grooming of the animal. 

Why do huskies have blue eyes?

DNA of these creatures are very cool, we use Embark to learn more about our pets! But the long story short is mutation of ALX4 gene seems to result in decreased pigment of the eyes. 

Why do huskies hate water?

Everything can be changed, but from what we have experienced is a lot of huskies do hate water. This has been believed to be bred into huskies DNA to avoid water or thought to be danger in their minds. They would never want to pull a sled across lightly frozen water and take the team and the musher into hypothermia temperature waters. 

Why do huskies curl their tails? 

Once again, this falls a lot into the DNA of the dog. But they do curl and un curl their tail depending on their mood!

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