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Husky History

In this section, we plan to inform and enlighten you with the history of these amazing creatures!



The Chukchi People of Siberia

These huskies originated in Northeast Asia, where the Chukchi people bred huskies to pull sleds and companionship. The husky was bred to be a work dog with a double coat, triangular ears and markings very similar to the Alaskan malamute.  To this day in the AKC National Championship and the Westminster Dog Show they are in the “Working Group” class for show! 

Major Accomplishments 

The Russian Fur Trader that started it all

The husky was originally thought to be introduced to Alaska during the Nome Gold Rush in Nome, Alaska in 1908 by William Goosak. The dogs were known to be super resilient to harsh weather and great working dogs with superb companionship skills. 

This played a key role in one of the major historic events that we still cherish, a statue in New York City's Central Park. 

In 1925 a harsh February has struck Alaska when word got out that a diphtheria outbreak had taken over Nome, Alaska. The mushers Gunnar Kaasen and Leonhard Seppala and their dogs most famously known Balto & Togo delivered a serum that would save many families. 


Fun fact: The Husky style dog became popular with movies like The Twilight Saga and TV series Game of Thrones.


But some of the most known films to actually feature Siberian Huskies have been movies like Eight Below and Z nation.


But even the biggest of names have picked up their fair share of the husky craze, like Disney making movies like Balto, Snow Buddies, Eight Below & Togo or even animated series like PAW Patrol where Everest is a Siberian Husky! 

The Husky in Todays World

Easy Life

Today there are still Huskies to perform at a high level in the Iditarod that sled pull from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska! 

Other well known activities huskies are found doing in today's world include Rally Obedience, Agility Training, Skijoring, Dog Hiking, Carting and Bikejoring

They have proved themselves all over the world with the smarts and agility they have!

Husky Handshake

In your Home

Even 9,500 years later, we still find ourselves inviting these fuzz balls into our home. They are very amazing pets and provide the most wonderful feeling of companionship. That's where we come into play, if you are thinking of getting one reach out to ask questions we would be more than happy to answer you, just hit he chat button! 

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