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My goal is to help dogs and their owners develop a deeper understanding and connection with each other, while also providing the tools and skills that will help your pup become the best version of themselves. If you're looking for a safe and effective means to train your pup, look no further than Happy Howlin'.

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Beto J.

Definitely recommend if you have a stubborn dog! My dog would absolutely go crazy anytime a dog was within 20 feet of us, a few sessions with Dustin and now he's able to stay calm and relaxed being within 5 feet of another dog! The progress is beyond amazing!!

Angie M. 

Our huskey was a pain in the butt  juming over our tall fence, escaping, and showing up with cops with citations but we didn't expect to get our huskey to listen and to now stand by our side without a leash on him! so we highly recommend them to train your or our dogs for that matter cause we have more than one. He is great at what he does and shows us what to do with his products and what to expect to do. Awesome Trainer!!!!

Angie P.

I reached out to Dustin right after I adopted my boy Oakley and we’ve only had 2 sessions but I have noticed huge improvements with Oakley already. He’s mastered sit, down & leave it even with no reward now & stay is a work in progress but he is catching on. We’ve also been working with him on how not to get up on the counters as well. Dustin has also showed and explained to me very well and given me tips on how to keep on working with Oakley.
Great Trainer!!

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